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January 2024

Cybersecurity Basics for Small Businesses

Small businesses can be vulnerable to a range of cyber-crimes and cybersecurity is a continuous process. There are many ways you can improve your business’ cybersecurity. Here are a few basic steps to get started.

  1. Update your software – This includes your apps, web browsers, and operating systems. Set updates to happen automatically.
  2. Secure your files – Back up important files offline, on an external hard drive, or in the cloud. Make sure you store your paper files securely, too.
  3. Require strong passwords – Use strong passwords for all laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Don’t leave these devices unattended in public places.
    • What is a strong password? – A strong password is at least 12 characters that are a mix of numbers, symbols, capital and lowercase letters. Never reuse passwords and don’t share them on the phone, in texts, or by email.
  4. Train all staff – Create a culture of security by implementing a regular schedule of employee training. Update employees as you find out about new risks and vulnerabilities.
  5. Have a plan – Have a plan for saving data, running the business, and notifying customers if you experience a breach. You need to have a plan to keep your business operations up and running while responding to a breach.

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