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Hanmi Mobile Banking

Switch and get a secure, simple and environmentally friendly way to access your bank statements.


This is a tutorial video of how to sign up for e-Statement and has no voice over but BGM. It shows a series of e-Statement screenshots using Hanmi Mobile Banking.

0:00 --> 0:05
As introduction of this video, a hand holding a smartphone with Hanmi Mobile Banking app is shown on the screen. In the background is a black table with a Hanmi Bank mug and Hanmi Bank calendar on it.

0:06 --> 0:09
A hand taps the Hanmi Mobile Banking app and the app opens on the smartphone screen.
On screen text reads: "Open Hanmi Mobile Banking App from your device”

0:10 --> 0:14
A finger taps Settings on the menu of the app and the Settings menu unfolds.
On screen text reads: "Open settings menu > Go to Settings. Settings"

0:15 --> 0:18
A finger taps Statement Delivery under the Settings menu and the screen of the app opens up to statement delivery page.
On screen text reads: "Select statement delivery from settings > Go to Statement Delivery. Statement Delivery”

0:19 --> 0:25
A finger taps View E-Statement Delivery Agreement and opens up the agreement on the screen.
On screen text reads: "Read and accept agreement > Agreement. E-Statement Delivery Agreement”

0:26 -->0:30
A finger taps on the X button and the screen changes to the Delivery Preferences page of the app. Then the finger changes the Paper Statement option to e-Statement.
On screen text reads: "Switch delivery type > Select Delivery Type. Paper Statement > e-Statement.

0:31 --> 0:34
Cut to the bottom of the page where an email address is entered.
On screen text reads: "Switch delivery type > Enter your E-mail Address. Paper Statement > e-Statement"

0:35 --> 0:38
A finger taps on the Save button and the screen changes to the page where it shows “Statement Delivery Updated” and a green check mark.
On screen text reads: "Review your information and click save > Statement delivery Updated. Save"

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