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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Module

Stop waiting for checks to clear! Initiate ACH transactions online and gain control Stop waiting to receive payments. With this ACH origination service, you can collect various types of payments such as account receivables, donations, and more! This ACH service is customizable every step of the way. As an added security feature, we use Secure Access Code (SAC) to help you prevent unauthorized transactions from occurring on your accounts.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Improve your efficiency and cash flow with Hanmi’s Remote Deposit Capture. You shouldn’t have to sit through traffic to deposit checks. With our RDC service, you can scan checks using Hanmi’s RDC program and scanner from your desk! You scan and we will take care of the rest. You can enjoy extended hours from same-day deposits: Monday through Friday until 7:00PM PT, also have more control by viewing images of your deposited checks through Hanmi Online Banking.

Hanmi Remote Cash Depositor (HRCD)

Hanmi helps streamline your cash deposit process! Managing cash has never been easier with Hanmi Remote Cash Depositor. HRCD is smarter, end-to-end cash handling solutions to enhance cash management and reduce risk by offering the convenience of a smart safe at the customer’s place of business and same day credit to their account.

Commercial Cash Vault (CCV)

Hanmi’s Commercial Cash Vault helps safeguard your deposits and employees while simplifying and streamlining your cash handling processes and procedures. Hanmi works with three armored courier services to provide our customers a safe way to deposit and order cash. Hanmi coordinates with armored courier services to make automated deposits of your cash and checks at one or more of our cash vaults, where your deposits will be processed and deposited securely, reliably and promptly.

Lockbox Service

Enhance internal security and control with Hanmi’s Lockbox service. Speed payment processing and eliminate old fashioned ways to collect and keep track of your receivables. We have secure lockbox sites and processing centers to help reduce your administrative costs so that your resources can be better invested in growing your business. Let us help you focus on what’s really important to you.

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