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Like any business today, your business can be vulnerable to fraud – usually in the form of computer hackers and thieves. Hanmi is committed to helping you greatly reduce the chances that fraud will impact your business. Our fraud protection solutions is a simple, scalable, and comprehensive set of tools that address a complex set of challenges —and that helps keep your business safer from the ever-present threat of fraud.

What Is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is one of the strongest fraud detection tools. It is a matching service that examines each check with the data accumulated from all previous checks issued by your business, such as the account number, check number and dollar amount. This validation process allows us to quickly identify checks that are inconsistent with the data provided. Those that do not match are categorized as exceptions and digitized images of such exception items are made available for you to view online. Review suspicious items and make smart payment decisions.

Payee Positive Pay

Works the same way as Standard Positive Pay with an extra layer of protection by matching the payee name in the issue file to the payee name on the check presented for payment to ensure accuracy and enhanced control.
With Payee Positive Pay, you benefit from:

  • Increased security for your cash management
  • Multi-layered fraud prevention

ACH Positive Pay

Provides the ability to add filters to help manage electronic transactions. ACH Positive Pay allows users to manage incoming ACH transactions by creating authorized and unauthorized lists based upon ACH type, debit or credit, amount, and Company ID. When an incoming ACH transaction is presented that matches your authorized transaction list, it will be automatically processed. If an incoming ACH transaction appears on the unauthorized list or is on neither list, it will be presented as an exception in the Positive Pay online portal for your review and a pay or return decision.

  • Reduces risk of incoming ACH transaction fraud
  • Quick, efficient, and time-saving process
  • Create authorized and unauthorized lists to automate incoming ACH transaction review

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