Trade Finance

Comparison of Trade Finance
ItemLetter of CreditImport/Export FinancingDocument Collection
UseIssuance/negotiation of sight and usance commercial Letters of Credit (L/C) for importers & exporters, back-to-back L/C's, transfer L/C's, and standby L/C's (bank's payment guarantee) for various collateral purposes such as security depositShort-term financings (trust receipts and banker’s acceptances) for overseas purchases/sales and export financings such as SBA Export Express and Export Working Capital Program (EWCP).Handling of Document against Acceptance (D/A's) and Document against Payment (D/P's) for importers and exporters
TermsUp to duration of L/C, generally 3-6 monthsUp to cash conversion cycle determined by trade financing instruments such as trust receipt or purchase advance terms and borrower's credit worthinessUp to the term of D/A's and D/P's presentations
Loan AmountUp to $75 Million*Up to $75 Million*Up to $25 Million*
Prepayment PenaltyNoNoNo
Interest RateN/AVariableN/A
Annual FeeNo Annual FeeRenewal fee if line of credit is offeredNo Annual Fee
Application FeeL/C application and negotiation feeSubject to L/C facility fee, line of credit fee if line of credit is offeredD/A or D/P fee
Appraisal FeeNoYes, if real property is secured as collateral.No

* Lending limits may apply.

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