Mobile Funds Transfer: How to Add External Account

Hanmi Mobile Banking

Learn how to add external accounts to transfer funds from and to your Hanmi Bank accounts.


This is a tutorial video of how to add external accounts to transfer funds from and to your Hanmi Bank accounts and has no voice over but BGM. It shows a series of screenshots of Hanmi Mobile Banking.

0:00 --> 0:04
As introduction of this video, a smartphone flips into screen.

0:05 --> 0:08
It shows the startup image of Hanmi Mobile Banking.
On screen text reads: "Mobile Fund Transfer -Add External Accounts-"

0:09 --> 0:15
Cut to Login window of Hanmi Mobile Banking in a smartphone and simulate login process.
On screen text reads: "Open the Hanmi Mobile Banking app and login."

0:16 --> 0:22
Cut to Accounts window.
On screen text reads: "There are Two Steps in this process: Step 1: Enter Your External Account Info."

0:23 --> 0:33
A hand icon taps Menu and chooses Transfers and then chooses Add External Account in sequence.
On screen text reads: "Tap Menu and select Transfers, then choose Add External Account in the list."

0:34 --> 0:48
Screen shows Add External Account page and scrolls down to show the full page. Then simulates adding the account number, choosing the account type, and adding the routing number.
On screen text reads: "Enter the Account Number of the external account you wish to add, select the Account Type, and then enter the Routing Number, of your external bank."

0:49 --> 0:56
The screen continues to scroll down to show the terms and conditions. Then the hand icon taps on the Continue button.
On screen text reads: "Read the terms and conditions of account verification deposit and tap Continue if you agree to them."

0:57 --> 1:06
Cut to External Account Authorization page.
On screen text reads: "Your External Account request has been submitted. Hanmi Bank will send 2 Micro Deposits to your external account within 5 Business Days. Mircro deposits are random deposits in the Amount Less than $1."

1:07 --> 1:23
The screen stays the same and text changes.
On screen text reads: "Once you have received these two micro deposits in your external account, make note of both amounts. You will be asked to write down the micro deposit amounts in step 2. Domestic transfers are only allowed. If the micro deposit do not appear in your external account within 5 business days. Verify if the provided account or routing number is correct and contact us at (855) 773-8778."

If you are having problems with logging into your mobile banking system,
please contact our Customer Call Center at (855) 773-8778