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May 1, 2023

A Message from the CEO

Dear Valued Customers,

The closure of another high profile bank continues to weigh on investor sentiment and is creating renewed uncertainty about the overall financial health of regional and community banks. We recently reported our first quarter financial results and are reaching out to you again to assure you that Hanmi Bank has a strong capital base, ample liquidity and excellent credit quality.

We delivered strong financial results in the quarter even in the face of continued rising rates, economic uncertainty and a highly volatile banking environment.

Hanmi’s core deposit base is solid with strong customer relationships built over 40 years. We have little reliance on brokered deposits or wholesale funds. We have also enhanced our reciprocal deposit insurance programs by recently launching the Insured Cash Sweep® product, providing greater peace-of-mind for high balance depositors who may seek an added layer of protection.

Our banking relationships are centered on the needs of our customers ― individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, real estate investors and Korean companies operating in the U.S. We pride ourselves on being your bank of choice and are very grateful for the strong relationships we have developed over these many years.

We are well prepared to navigate turbulent markets and challenging economic cycles and to help our customers do the same, just as we have done for more than 40 years. Thank you for your ongoing partnership with Hanmi Bank. We value you as an important customer and stand ready to continue helping you with your banking needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or concerns.


Bonnie Lee
President and CEO

고객이 최우선입니다

준비된 전문가들에게 문의하세요. 간단한 질문에서부터 종합적인 뱅킹 솔루션까지 성심껏 도와드립니다.

가까운 한미은행 지점에 방문하세요

계신 곳에서 가까운 한미은행 지점과 ATM의 주소, 전화번호와 영업시간을 안내해 드립니다. 고객분들을 언제나 웃음으로 맞이하겠습니다.

고객센터 전화

저희 고객센터는 월요일-금요일, 오전7시 부터 오후 6시까지 (태평양 표준시) 개인은 물론 기업 고객의 은행업무도 도와드리고 있습니다.