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May 2023

Juice Jacking: The Cyber Threat Hiding in Public Charging Stations

Juice jacking is a new form of cybercrime that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a scam where hackers install malicious software on public charging stations in order to steal your data and personal information. Juice jacking can be a serious threat, but there are ways to avoid it.

  • Use your own charger – The best way to avoid juice jacking is to use your own charger. Consider carrying a charging-only cable, which prevents data from sending or receiving while charging, from a trusted supplier. This way, you know that your device is safe and that your data is not being stolen.
  • Avoid public charging stations – If you must use a public charging station, make sure it is a reputable one. Avoid charging stations in airports, hotels, and other public places that you are not familiar with. If you can, Use an AC power outlet instead.
  • Use a power bank – If you don’t have access to a charger, use a power bank instead. This will allow you to charge your device without having to plug it into a public charging station.
  • Turn off your device – If you are not using your device, turn it off. This will prevent any data from being transferred to the charging station.
  • Do not share data – If you plug your device into a USB port and a prompt appears asking you to select “share data” or “charge only,” ALWAYS select “charge only.”
  • Use a data blocker – A data blocker is a device that blocks the transfer of data between your device and the charging station. This way, you can charge your device without worrying about your data being stolen.

Don’t let cybercriminals steal your information – stay safe and stay protected.

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