Mobile Bill Payment: How to Make Payment

Hanmi Mobile Banking

Pay someone with Hanmi Mobile Banking after you add payee.


This is a tutorial video of how to pay someone with Hanmi Mobile Banking after you add payee and has no voice over but BGM. It shows a series of screenshots of Hanmi Mobile Banking.

0:00 --> 0:04
As introduction of this video, a smartphone flips into screen.

0:05 --> 0:08
It shows the startup image of Hanmi Mobile Banking.
On screen text reads: "Mobile Bill Payment -Pay Bills-"

0:09 --> 0:16
Cut to Login window of Hanmi Mobile Banking in a smartphone and simulate login process.
On screen text reads: "Open the Hanmi Mobile Banking app and login."

0:17 --> 0:25
Cut to Accounts window. A hand icon taps Menu and selects Bill Payment.
On screen text reads: "Tap Menu and select Bill Payment. Bill Payment is available free of charge to personal accounts only."

0:26 --> 0:35
Cut to Bill Pay page. A hand icon selects a Southwest Gas from the list.
On screen text reads: "Select a payee from the list."

0:36 --> 0:47
Cut to Southwest Gas page and enters $20 in the amount section. The hand icon taps Preview.
On screen text reads: "Tap Amount and enter the amount you want to pay."

0:45 --> 0:56
The hand icon chooses Personal Regular Checking in the Pay from Account section and then taps Done.
On screen text reads: "Then tap Pay from Account and choose an account that you want to pay from."

0:57 --> 1:06
The hand icon chooses the date under Deliver On then taps Submit Payment button.
On screen text reads: "Tap Deliver On and select the date you want to pay."

1:07 --> 1:16
Cut to Payment PENDING page.
On screen text reads: "Finally, tap Submit Payment button to complete the process."

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