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Hanmi Bank's international trade specialists will provide you with financial support and professional guidance to help your business succeed overseas. We are dedicated in providing the personal attention that you deserve. Our international specialists will help you select a complete program of financial services and international trade products that will meet all of your needs.

An import letter of credit issued by Hanmi Bank ensures that goods are not paid for until they have been shipped and all the shipping documents are verified to be in good order. Through an import letter of credit, you are given more control over your import payment process.

As an exporter, you can significantly reduce the risk of non-payment by asking your customer to pay you through a letter of credit. Hanmi Bank will ensure you get paid securely and quickly when we negotiate payments under the letter of credit. When your customer's bank issues an irrevocable letter of credit naming you as the beneficiary, you will be paid directly from the customer's bank as long as you meet the terms of the letter of credit.

Standby letters of credit can be used in lieu of security or cash deposits.

  • Back-to-back letter of credit
  • Transferable letter of credit
  • Assignment of proceeds

Beneficial for both importer and exporter, documentary collections offer a cost-effective but secure means of trading internationally. The importer only effects payment in exchange for the documents of title for the goods shipped. You avoid the detailed requirements of opening a letter of credit. These documents can also assist the exporter by directing that the goods be released only upon the payment or acceptance of the draft by the importer.

  • Trust Receipt Financing - A Trust Receipt is a bridging loan that provides a buyer with financing to settle goods imported on sight terms. Under a Trust Receipt, the applicant pledges the imported goods in favor of the Bank. This means that he takes possession of the imported goods, but holds them in trust for the Bank. When he sells the goods, he has to use the proceeds of the sale to repay the Bank.

  • Banker's Acceptance for Usance Letter of Credit - A Banker's Acceptance is a non interest bearing time draft drawn on a bank and accepted by that bank that, in so doing, provides financing to either a buyer or a seller of goods. When accepted by a bank, the draft carries the full faith and credit of the accepting bank.
  • SBA Export Express - SBA Export Express is designed to provide short-term working capital to small business exporters. Hanmi Bank will help you qualify for this program. This program has lending limit up to $250,000 and government guaranty could be up to 85% of loan amount. 
  • SBA Export Working Capital (EWCP) - EWCP was designed to provide short-term working capital to small business exporters. Hanmi Bank will help you qualify for this program, which guarantees up to $1.5 million or 90% of a loan amount. Click here for more information. 
  • Export Line of Credit - Export Line of Credit is designed to provide exporters who need to finance for the products to export. Hanmi Bank also has financial products for exporters who received Export Letter of Credit, Purchase Order, or Long-term Export Contract. 
  • Back-to-back Letter of Credit - Back-to-back letter of credit is specially designed to provide those exporters who received original letter of credit from importers and needs to issue a letter of credit to suppliers.
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