Cash Management

An extensive suite of web-based cash management service tailored to meet the financial service needs of a business.

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You are in complete control of your finances whenever and where ever it's convenient for you.
  • Account Balances
  • Account History
  • Online Check Images
  • Stop Payments
  • Statement
  • Internal Transfers

"Hanmi Cash Management is open 24/7, anytime, anywhere"
Funds can be transferred between your corporate accounts, within our financial institution or to accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Domestic wires
  • Foreign wires

"Complete control of your transfers and payments with a simple mouse click"
The file management area allows you to upload ACH files. Administrators have the control to assign file transfer templates to specific employees
  • Standard entry class code (CCD, PPD)
  • Payroll and collection templates
  • Federal tax payments
  • State tax payments
  • NACHA import
  • Transaction risk controls
  • Summary and detail reports
  • History of ACH batches

"Save time and maximize efficiency with the file transfer feature"
Each employee will be assigned their own access ID and password. They can be given limited access based on how you set up the account
  • Account & transaction access control
  • Transaction limit control
  • Fully customizable employee access
  • Create and maintain fund transfer templates

"Grant employees access to the system"

Help reduce check fraud by using Positive Pay to review checks and make pay or return decisions.

"reduce your company's exposure to check fraud"

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