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How to Protect Yourself from Online Fraud – Rapport

Over 100 banks and 20 million customers are already using Rapport to prevent online fraud. Hanmi Bank has also partnered with Trusteer, the leading financial security experts, to bring Rapport a step closer to you.

What is Rapport?

Rapport is an extra layer of security software that will work together with your current antivirus and firewall. Rapport will boost your security- making it harder for fraudsters to intercept your login details.

What is at stake?

Criminals are after your money and identity. Inevitably, your online bank account has access to both. If criminals manage to access your online bank account, they can not only access your private information but also transfer money out of your account. Your bank has taken various measures to protect you against this threat, but one of the biggest risks is actually the computer you use to bank with. Here are two sophisticated attacks that criminals use to access your online bank account using your computer:

  • Malicious software (or malware) - automatically and silently downloaded onto your computer when you browse the Internet, malware silently captures your login information and transfers it to criminals as you log-in to your bank’s website. It is also capable of silently changing the transactions you execute as directed by criminals
  • Phishing - criminals build fake websites that look very similar to your bank’s website. They do this to lure you into visiting these fake websites and submitting your online banking log-in information. This data is later used to access your online bank account

How Rapport protects you

While antivirus helps to stop threats by scanning your computer for suspicious files; your firewall hides your computer from attackers to stop criminals from retrieving data in and out of your computer. Rapport will secure your communication with Hanmi Bank. When you enter your ID and password using our Hanmi website, Rapport checks that Hanmi website is genuine and stops your login information from being exposed to counterfeit sties. Rapport expands your protection by scanning the site’s legitimacy. Your antivirus software and firewall is really important, however, criminals are getting more and more sophisticated- your current antivirus and firewall may not be enough. Rapport will:

  • Safeguard your identity
  • Shield your online banking details from prying eyes
  • Block malicious attempts to steal money from your accounts
  • Create a safe tunnel for safe communication with Hanmi and other bank’s online website
  • Protect your details, such as your Hanmi ID and password, even if your computer is infected   

Why should I choose Rapport?

Rapport will let you know if it is safe to enter your login information so you have a peace of mind. It will protect your passwords and safeguard your identity. Don’t let criminals spy on your online banking details and steal your identity. Rapport stops fraudsters in their tracks without relying on constant updates.

Rapport is also easy to use. Rapport already recognizes over 100 banks and will detect if your login information is being directed to a counterfeit site. You can also set up Rapport to protect any website that uses private or personal data. And of course, Rapport won’t slow your computer.

How do I know I’m protected?

When you download Rapport, you will see a boxed icon with an arrow next to the address bar.

If the icon is green as seen above, you are protected.

Icon is grey when Rapport is not safe-guarding your information.


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If you have any additional questions regarding Rapport, please contact our electronic banking department via telephone at (213) 427-4277, via U.S. Mail at 3660 Wilshire Blvd #1000, Los Angeles, CA 90010, or visit one of our branches in person.

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