Protecting you against the “Heartbleed” virus:


There has been a lot of news about a newly discovered security issue with some websites.  This security issue, being referred to as “Heartbleed,” affects the encryption software used on many online banking and online shopping websites to keep your information private.Heartbleed allows anyone to read the memory of servers running OpenSSL, which leaves information such as usernames, passwords and credit card data exposed.  Here at Hanmi Bank, we have reviewed the areas of the bank that may have been infected with this virus and have determined that our systems are secure and unaffected.  You can rest assured that your banking information is safe with us.
Here are some tips to help safeguard all of your information:
‘”Heartbleed” virus can affect any websites. If you have set up an account with any websites, please make sure to confirm that the website(s) have fixed any issues they may have with the “Heartbleed” virus. Once you have confirmed that the website is protected, you may want to take the extra precaution of changing your password on those accounts.
We appreciate the trust you have shown in us by banking with Hanmi Bank.  We will always take the responsibility of protecting your data very seriously.  

If you have any additional questions regarding the protection or security of your information at Hanmi Bank, please contact our electronic banking department via telephone at (213) 427-4277, via U.S. Mail at 3660 Wilshire Blvd #1004, Los Angeles, CA 90010, or visit one of our branches in person.

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